Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough - Sensible action to prevent gun violence must happen.


Thursday, May 3, 2018 (Trenton, NJ) - Last evening the City of Trenton was once again riddled with three different incidents involving gun shootings; two incidents in the North Ward, and one in the East Ward.  These shootings have been accepted as an unfortunate “norm” in our City.

While there is limited information about the three shootings at this time, it is confirmed that one person was killed at my local gas station.  

It is our responsibility to call for actions to make our city safer, and the first step is having leaders who are committed to advocate for common sense gun laws.

Gun violence impacts our entire community - by taking priceless lives, ripping families apart, and perpetuating a sense of fear throughout the city, which directly impacts our economy.

If elected to represent Trenton on May 8 as a member of City Council, I will support sensible gun laws that will help keep our city safe.  This includes working with our state’s administration to collect and share valuable gun violence data to better track illegal guns, support our Trenton Police force with an emphasis on community policing, and communicate directly with our state and federal delegation on this issue.

With some of the toughest gun laws in the country, more than 80 percent of our gun crimes are committed by a gun obtained out of state. I will work with Governor Murphy to hold our neighboring states accountable if they are aiding and abetting these crimes because of their loose gun laws, and advocate for our neighboring states to enact stricter gun laws.

In addition, we must work with local, county and state governments to further implement creative solutions to policing our city and keeping the Capital City safe.

As a member of City Council, I will work with the city’s administration and local business leaders to address poverty in our city and the lack of career opportunities for our youth. We must focus on sustainable economic development and training of our citizens, which will offer our younger generation alternative options so they are not driven to participate in gangs and violence.

While I continue to pray for the victims, and for a safer Trenton, we must be ready and willing to act to prevent these senseless acts of violence.  We can and we must do better. We deserve a city that nurtures our children to grow and thrive, not one that is dismantled by fear and tragedy.  We deserve a community of peace and prosperity, not one with boasted headlines of violence. We deserve leaders who will commit to stronger, stricter, and safer laws - and I promise that I am that leader Trenton needs.


Statement may be attributed to Elvin Montero.



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