Elvin Montero Comments on NJ’s 35 Poorest Towns List

(Trenton, NJ)- Speaking in reference to NJ.com’s ranked list of New Jersey’s 35 poorest towns, Trenton City Council At Large Candidate Elvin Montero shared his opinions on Trenton’s #6 ranking, with 27.6% of the population living below poverty level.

“Topping New Jersey’s 35 poorest towns list at #6 is quite upsetting,” began Montero. “This list highlights the importance of prioritizing the Capital City in state, local, and regional legislative activity. We must work together to allow for economic revitalization and growth in Trenton: we need to increase the minimum wage; we need to build coalitions with all stakeholders to help grow the economy; we need to create more jobs; we need to address the needs of our students and provide them with the quality education and training they deserve.”

“To address this, I plan on working with employers to identify the skill-sets they are looking for in the city’s workforce, so we can work with Trenton schools to help train and encourage students to enter careers with potential. Not every student must attend college- but there are opportunities for them to learn a trade that the Trenton economic community greatly needs. City Council and its mayor need to collaborate with members of the Legislature and Governor Murphy to ensure the restoration and permanence of the PILOT (Payment In Lieu of Taxes) program through some formula to further stabilize the City’s revenue,” Montero continued.

Montero believes that with the leadership of state and local officials, Trenton has the potential to catalyze significant economic growth. “If we help stabilize the city, improve public safety, do a better job of delivering services, give residents job growth opportunities, the city then becomes more attractive to investors and developers- but just as important, will keep and attract an engaged citizenry,” Montero concluded.


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