I am running because I am ready to L.E.A.D. Trenton:


I will listen to new and innovative ideas that can help the city lift its citizens, and improve the quality of life by improving public safety and security.


As a member of City Council, I promise to understand and faithfully execute the role to which I am elected, and to be engaged in public policy at all levels of government that can have an impact –  good and bad - on the Capital City and its citizens. 


As a member of Council, I will be a champion for the Capital City, and the citizens that make Trenton an ideal place to live. I will work hard to ensure the city provides the basic quality of life services that we all depend on and expect. I will be a voice for all Trenton citizens regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural heritage, economic status, education, home ownership, business ownership, or employment – I am an advocate for all Trentonians. 


I will implement good government practices that will promote a more transparent and effective government, and an engaged citizenry. 

"At the end of the day, I am running to help improve people’s lives – the lives of anyone who calls Trenton home."

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