As a member of City Council, Elvin will promote and support:

  • Good Governance Practices
    • Improve efficiency in providing city services. 
    • Implement revised communication practices and technology.
    • Increase resources to better enforce and implement city ordinances.
  • Improve Quality of Life Services
    • Work with the administration to better utilize available resources to improve delivery of services. 
    • Help implement programs that support clean, safe and secure neighborhoods.
    • Support ongoing training of our Police, Fire, and Emergency Services personnel to better serve the community in which they work.
  • Business and Economic Development
    • Support better integration of Trenton's 250 comprehensive Master Plan in all ongoing and upcoming development projects.
    • Work with business leaders, and state, county and local representatives to promote development and incentive programs that help the Capital City and its citizens.
    • Be a champion for Trenton - supporting creative ideas that boost the local economy and inspire people to live, play, and stay in Trenton.



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